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Former biker infiltrated al-Qaeda

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  • Former biker infiltrated al-Qaeda

    And claims to have aided in the targeting of Anwar al-Awlaki.

    While I can't corroborate his story regarding how Awlaki was targeted, I can place him on Awlaki's blog, and in Samir Khan's social network.
    Asymmetric Warfare: It's not just for the other guys.

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    CNN provides a little more info

    The Danish biker and the trail that led to al Qaeda's most wanted

    Still not corroboration, but if he's making this story up, he's done a nice job of backstopping it.
    Asymmetric Warfare: It's not just for the other guys.


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      Here's some local UK responses:

      If on the level, this actually seems to involve three security services - PET, CIA and presumably the British would have had to be informed - at the very least. It is not as if Luton is short of radicals...............


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        I find it interesting that he is so well prepared to back up his claims. Almost as though one or more of the agencies involved helped him out with that - perhaps because some other government agency reneged on their promise of financial compensation.
        Asymmetric Warfare: It's not just for the other guys.


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          Storm seems to have popped up again in the media in the past few days (perhaps he needs a cash injection before Christmas!) It reminded me to have a look at the responses on the Islamic Awakening Forum on this case - of which there is over 20 pages!

          It is of use for the various links to many of the English language articles on this case, plus the general sense of outrage. I do not think any of the Jyllands-Posten material is in English which is frustrating.