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  • Islamic Jihad Union social network and site

    The complaint and affidavit filed by the USA against Jamshid Muhtorov makes clear that he connected online with the IJU with the assistance of Abu Muhammad, who is identified as the adminstrator of IJU website and owner of the associated email address. That email address in turn maps to the Facebook account of Abu Muhammad Buxoriy. One of Muhtorov's email addresses maps to another Facebook account, and not surprisingly, they are friends.

    Before noting some of the more interesting accounts, the following caveat: Of all the people you see who are Facebook friends with these guys, almost none of them are extremists. They are mostly just Uzbeks. Secondarily, they are opponents of the Uzbek government. Only a literal handful clearly identify with violent extremism of any sort. And finally, it is likely that some of the extremists are actually agents provocateurs working for the Uzbek government - on that point Abu Muhammad is certainly not above suspicion. Now, to continue:

    This is the Facebook account that maps to Muhtorov's email address (if you follow the link you will see he identified as 'Female', he may also have shared either the Facebook account or the email address with his wife):

    Abu Muhammad is here:

    Certainly deserves mention:

    Tayyib Ravshan is a supporter of the project:

    Tayyib uploaded this image to Facebook (note the URL

    And finally, here are two Mujohids:

    Asymmetric Warfare: It's not just for the other guys.

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    Buxoriy's profile reads something like (he uses a lot of slang that I'm not getting, but here's a go)

    "I'm just a Muslim, Work only for Allah, my religion is Islam,(???) Islam, jihadist [ie, one who does jihad] (sevamon?), I love jihad, I don't love cowardice"

    One thing to be gleaned from Tayyib Ravshan's profile is that he is using a western keyboard, not cyrrilic. That says something about location.

    Buxoriy and Mujohid, on the other hand, are using a cyrrilic keyboard. They're not impossible to come by, and there are programs that turn your western keyboard into cyrrilic, but on most Russian boards people in the West just forego the cyrrilic and transliterate using the latin alphabet.