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Examining Gaidi Mtaani, Al-Qaida Swahili-language magazine Issue 1

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  • Examining Gaidi Mtaani, Al-Qaida Swahili-language magazine Issue 1

    Released on/about 05 April 2012 via password-protected Shumukh (and presumably other) forums. This is al-Qaida's first Swahili magazine (afaik), and comes at a time when the movement is regrouping in sub-Saharan Africa (and Yemen). The magazine may well have been inspired by AQAP's English-language Inspire publication, but that's somewhat speculative.

    Distribution thread

    User at Shumukh presents as a representative of the magazine

    Name: Gaidi Mtaani

    The file was made available via multiple free filesharing sites using these links:

    From the PDF I find the following contact info:

    and on Twitter


    The PDF may have started as a template for a magazine that was passed on to AQ-Kenya from al-Fajr/AQ-Core.

    A change in file format (from unknown to Adobe Illustrator) occurred at 17 April 2008, 14:19:21, GMT +05:30

    The GMT +05:30 timezone is peculiar to India, Sri Lanka, and some Indian islands in the Bay of Bengal. Pakistan is GMT +05:00.

    Additional work on the file, and conversion from one version of Adobe Illustrator to another occurred between 16 May and 2 July, 2008, but there are some anomalies in the data (or things I don't understand about Illustrator files - not unlikely). Among other things, the file seems to be converted to CS4, which wasn't released until later in 2008, and then there are the time stamps. Mostly they are GMT -7:00, but there is one for the same period that is GMT +7:00. -7:00 is "Mountain Standard Time" which also holds sway in north Mexico. GMT +07:00 includes the western half of Indonesia, as well as Thailand.

    Work on the magazine itself started on 08 February 2012, and concluded on 13 March 2012. Times are all GMT +03:00, which includes Kenya and Somalia. As the magazine was assembled, its constituent parts (e.g. images) were collected in folders along the following path:

    C:\Users\FrenchFroster\Documents\Newsletter Articles\image designs\

    The user name of FrenchFroster is of interest. Online there are almost no occurrences of that name. In fact I find no reference to FrenchFroster as one word. However, a search for the exact phrase "French Froster" turns up one hit: a map on the site of a Portuguese undersea archaeology company. The map is described as

    "Cabo Verde - Sao Vicente, French Froster, 19th Century"

    It is a map of the Island of Sao Vicente, which is part of the Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) Islands, now the Republic of Cape Verde, off the coast of West Africa (not East Africa). The islands in fact have a small Muslim population, and there are reports of links between person or persons in or from the Cape Verde Islands and AQAP in particular. The "French Froster" text below the map is likely a typo of some sort. Meaningless to the Portuguese, but perhaps it stuck in the mind of someone who hails from the islands and stumbled upon the page in question?


    Al Qaeda extends tentacles into Cape Verde
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    great job

    great job, ...if I were jihadi member I would say Jazzakallah akhi )