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London Police Arrest Six Alleged Terrorists

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  • London Police Arrest Six Alleged Terrorists
    Six people were arrested in Greater London on Thursday as part of a possible terrorist plot "involving Islamist extremists, with potential UK targets," according to The BBC. Eight home and one business were searched and the six suspects — five men and one woman, between the ages of 18 and 30 — were taken into custody.
    1 woman and 5 men:
    LONDON (Reuters) - Five men and one woman suspected of preparing terrorist attacks were arrested during police raids across London on Thursday, the capital's Metropolitan Police said.

    Police said the operation was not linked to the Olympics, which start in London on July 27, but were part of a planned intelligence-led operation.

    A 29-year-old man was arrested on a street in west London, while the others, aged between 18 and 30, were detained at residential addresses in east and west London.

    A 24-year-old man was tasered during the operation but did not require hospital treatment.
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    Salahuddin al Britani part of group detained
    The brothers, aged 18, 24 and 26, were detained in Abbey Road, in Stratford, east London, during an operation involving armed officers.

    The BBC understands they are Jahangir, Mohammed and Moybur Alom.

    Richard Dart, a Muslim convert who uses the name Salahuddin al Britani, was also detained in the raids, it is understood. He features in a YouTube video which criticises the Royal Family and British military action in Muslim countries.


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      A quick look through my notes shows Salahuddin al Britani to be connected to, among other things, the Die Wahre Religion network in Germany. And speaking of German connections, the following article in the Daily Telegraph, published in the aftermath of the banning of Millatu Ibrahim in Germany, contains some interesting bits of info I had not seen elsewhere (and that may bear on these arrests in Britain).
      The Daily Telegraph understands that the raids followed a discussion of the risk posed by a pan-European network of Salafist Islamists at an EU meeting of interior ministers, including Theresa May, the Home Secretary, last week.

      Last month, the G6 group of interior ministers from the EU's biggest countries met in Munich to discuss "suspicious patterns of movement".

      Secret intelligence gathered by police and anti-terrorism officers across Europe gave "cause for concern" in Germany, Britain, France, the Netherlands and Austria, said an official.

      According to leaked documents, the German interior ministry decided to launch the raids and to ban Millatu Ibrahim, based in the western town of Solingen, after an explosive vest was found during a search of premises in Berlin last month.
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        Convert's extremist views were aired in stepbrother's BBC documentary

        For me, the money quote is:
        Shortly after the documentary was screened it was revealed that Dart was living in a £300,000 luxury flat in East London and was claiming thousands of pounds a month in benefits.
        Asymmetric Warfare: It's not just for the other guys.


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          Yes, money quote like so many of them do there.

          His YouTube account
          About SalahuddinAlBritani's channel

          Asalamu Alaycom to the Muslims and welcome to the non muslims, this is the homepage for myself Salahuddin Al Britani, following the BBC3 documentary "My Brother the Islamist" I have made this youtube page in order to promote Islam and the Shariah further! ie to encourage the Muslim's in the obligation of working to establish the Khilafah (Islamic government) and also to invite the non Muslims to Islam and rid any misconceptions regarding Islam and Shariah inshAllah....

          Last activity was on June 1st, if accurate. Since YouTube has made it harder, or impossible, to see subscribers/subscriptions it doesn't really help.


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            Originally posted by Stable Hand View Post
            Since YouTube has made it harder, or impossible, to see subscribers/subscriptions it doesn't really help.
            You know me: save early, save often. I have his YT account archived from before the time Google made YT anti-social.
            Asymmetric Warfare: It's not just for the other guys.


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              Originally posted by Aaron View Post
              You know me: save early, save often. I have his YT account archived from before the time Google made YT anti-social.
              Yes, I figured so. I was ill at the time YouTube changed their site. Needless to say, when I came back and saw the change my thought was like - yeah, protect those jihadtubers free speech. Can't be hurting their feelings.


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                Interesting article on these arrests at The Spectator
                West Midlands Police have just announced seven arrests as part of an investigation into alleged terrorist activity. This follows the detention of six individuals on similar charges across London yesterday. Together, they reveal just how active the Islamist network in the UK remains and the potency of its ongoing threat.

                One of those arrested in London yesterday, a convert, Richard Dart (also known as Salahuddin al-Britani) first came to prominence last year when his step-brother featured him in a documentary called ‘My brother the Islamist’. It offered a rare observational view on the inability of one family to comprehend the militancy and millenarianism of their son.

                Dart was radicalised by a loose nexus of Islamists who were once members of al-Muhajiroun, an extremist group created in London during the mid-1990s.
                Money quote:
                The corollary is that – just as it was under Labour – extremists are free to continue their activities with relative impunity until someone strays into committing offences that attract police attention. Cameron committed himself to changing that and to intervening much further upstream. He now needs someone in government willing to take it up and see it through.


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                  This is getting confusing, are these two part of the arrests? I don't remember reading anything about a former Met support officer being one of those arrested."radical Muslim convert is probably Salahuddin al Britani? or a Shariah4 person?

                  A former Met police support officer and a radical Muslim convert were seized today in terror raids next to the Olympic park.

                  Counter-terrorism police swooped on six homes across London this morning amid fears of an al Qaeda-inspired plot to attack the capital.

                  The ex-police worker was held by armed officers at a terrace house in east London just half a mile from the Olympic Park. Two other men were also arrested.

                  In simultaneous raids in Ealing police swooped on two men and a woman. One of them, a 29-year-old man, was held in the street.

                  One of the two men is understood to be a middle class white Muslim convert who has adopted an Islamic name, called for sharia law to be adopted in Britain and branded British soldiers returning from Afghanistan “murderers”.


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                    Another female arrested today, Saturday

                    This answers my question above about the former Met support officer. He was one of the three brothers noted above.
                    A 22-year-old woman has been arrested in east London in connection with an ongoing counter-terrorism operation, the Metropolitan Police has said.

                    Officers arrested the woman at a property in Hackney during the early hours of Saturday morning, it added.
                    Detectives from the Met police's counter-terrorism command were granted additional time for questioning by a magistrate on Friday.

                    The six, five men and a woman held on Thursday, are also being questioned on suspicion of the same offence as the 22-year-old woman[...]

                    It is understood the arrests relate to a possible plot involving Islamist extremists, with potential UK targets.

                    Three of those held are brothers - one an ex-police community support officer.

                    He served with the Metropolitan Police for more than two years before resigning in September 2009.


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                      Here is a video of the former met officer according to:

                      Why I left the Police Force! From Kuffur Law to Shariah Law - By Abu Khalid


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                        Salahuddin al Britani's wife was the female arrested Thurs

                        She was the 30yr old and was released Saturday according to