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About that drone shot down over southern Israel

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  • About that drone shot down over southern Israel

    Saturday morning Israeli radar picked up a UAV over the Mediterranean approaching the shore at Gaza. The aircraft continued over Gaza and into Israel, was escorted by IAF F-16's, and ultimately was shot down.

    Nice shooting Maj. Yoav (now help us pick up the pieces)

    The best guess in Israel is that the UAV took off from Lebanon, flew over the sea, and approached via Gaza, perhaps hoping to be mistaken for one of the many drones that operated over Gaza. The UAV is also presumed to be of Iranian construction, though the results of the IDF's analysis of the remains of the craft have not been released.

    Then comes the silly.

    Iran - without coming right out and saying they were responsible - was quick to call the incursion a failure of Israel's Iron Dome system.

    Only Iran Dome is designed to shoot down short range rockets, not drones.

    Then Israel - in what is quite possibly an unrelated act - deploys a Patriot missile battery in the hills above Haifa. This is promptly reported as though it is to defend against further drones.

    Only Patriot missiles are designed to shoot down missiles, not drones.

    And not to be outdone, UNIFIL reports that they have nothing to report regarding any drones entering Israel from Lebanon.

    Only the UAV in question came in from the sea, not across the Israel/Lebanon border.

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