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Mr. Ross starts dropping dimes [IRGC-QF MOIS]

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  • Mr. Ross starts dropping dimes [IRGC-QF MOIS]

    Via the Twitter account of everyone's favorite former Mossad agent:

    My following tweets will talk about Iran and it's IRGC-QF/MOIS activities that don't seem to be on U.S. radar. Let's take a look shall we?
    IRGC-QF/Hezbollah and MOIS Section 43 (tasked with liaising with foreign terrorist groups) spread Iran's tentacles throughout the world.
    The increased expertise of terrorist groups we see today (Sunni and Shiite alike) can be traced to guidance received from IRGC-QF and MOIS
    There have been IRGC/MOIS elements operating covertly in western Afghanistan, in and around the town of Herat since 2001.
    Anytime any of you want to take a trip to Herat, I'd be happy to point out all the IRGC-QF and MOIS running the place like they own it.
    Mehdi Kashani: Purchases dual-use technology for IRGC and non-conventional weapons program. Travels with impunity to Europe.
    Abdelghani Msoudi: Department 12 of MOIS.
    Iranian MOIS has 16 directorates and 27 main departments.
    Hassan Hilu al-Laqis: Mughniyeh deputy and chief of overseas procurement for Hezbollah. Architect of sophisticated IEDs and EFPs. BEY-THR.
    Qolam Ali Rashid: IRGC-QF liaison to senior al-Qaeda.
    Mohamed Zolqadr: IRGC-QF and liaison to AQ. Known to have met with Ayman Zawahiri.
    Mahmud al-Mahbouh was in Dubai meeting IRGC-QF and traveling under alias Mahmoud Abdul Ra'ouf Mohammed. Dubai authorities knew this.
    Al-Mabhouh met a terrorist financier and IRGC-QF contact for weapons transfers to HAMAS. Another fact the Dubai police neglected to report.
    Asymmetric Warfare: It's not just for the other guys.

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    IRGC updates courtesy of Mr. Ross

    The IRGC maintains liaisons with numerous criminal outfits in LA, namely using Venezuela as a base of operations. Per Mr Ross, they have been using the Island of Margarita off the northern coast of Venezuela (specifically here: 10 59′ 13″ N, 63 56′ 8″ W). This training site is maintained by Oday Nassereddine who has been on the State Dept terror list since 2008 for financing for Hezbollah. He actively recruits followers from the hard line group Bolivarian Circles of Barquisimeto (who are the radical supporters of Chavez). For further reading on all of this see the July 2011 article from MiamiDiario: