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Snowden: PRC agent, or complete idiot?

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  • Snowden: PRC agent, or complete idiot?

    Signs point to the former. Let Mr. Little explain it:

    Blogs of War
    Edward Snowden: Naive NSA Whistleblower, Chinese Spy, or Something Else Entirely?
    Asymmetric Warfare: It's not just for the other guys.

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    How J. Edgar laid the groundwork for the NSA's surveillance state.

    Go there and read.
    Asymmetric Warfare: It's not just for the other guys.


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      I'm guessing: no.

      Did Alleged NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Work Alone?
      By James Gordon Meek @meekwire
      Asymmetric Warfare: It's not just for the other guys.


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        Snowden proves he's not a complete idiot -- So, is he a Russian spy?


        SNIPPET: "Some will say "disclosure is good." But in this case, disclosure tips our enemies to our goals, capabilities, and gaps in what we know and can do. This disclosure is not good. It's a very dangerous world out there and Snowden has just given our enemies significant insight into how we think and operate."

        (August 29, 2013, 10:42 am)


        "Snowden impersonated NSA officials, sources say"

        By Richard Esposito, Matthew Cole and Robert Windrem
        NBC News
        (August 29, 2013)

        SNIPPET: "Edward Snowden accessed some secret national security documents by assuming the electronic identities of top NSA officials, said intelligence sources."


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          "Has WikiLeaks Been Infiltrated by Russian Spies? - War Is Boring

          Note: Article mentions Snowden.


 - War Is Boring: "HAS WIKILEAKS BEEN INFILTRATED BY RUSSIAN SPIES? Leak group has a troubling history with the Kremlin"

          by Joshua Foust
          (August 29, 2013)

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            The XX Committee: "Snowden, NSA, and Counterintelligence"

            September 4, 2013

            SNIPPET: "Ever since the remarkable case of Edward Snowden broke into the limelight at the beginning of the summer that’s now winding down, I’ve had a great deal to say about it here, on Twitter, and on radio and television. As one of the very few former NSA officers who’s in the public eye and willing to talk about Snowden, I’ve had an audience. As a former NSA counterintelligence officer with experience dealing with the Russians, I’ve been pretty much a solo act.

            From nearly the outset I’ve stated that Snowden is very likely an agent of Russian intelligence; this was met with howls of indignation which have died down in recent weeks as it’s become apparent that Ed’s staying in Russia for some time, along with whatever classified materials he had on his person. (Since Glenn Greenwald’s partner when stopped by British authorities at Heathrow had 58,000 highly classified documents on him, thanks to Ed, one can only wonder how big the initial haul actually was.) That Snowden was in contact with the Russian consulate in Hong Kong during his pre-Moscow visit there, including spending his 30th birthday with his new friends, is now admitted. Even President Vladimir Putin has conceded that Ed’s contacts with Russian officials did not commence when he landed at Sheremtyevo airport, rather before.

            But when? That of course is the key question that NSA counterintelligence surely wants – needs – to know. All roads here lead to Wikileaks."


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              INSIDE THE RING...
              …by Bill Gertz

              (September 25, 2013)

              SNIPPET - quote:

              CHIEF ON SNOWDEN

              National Security Agency Director Gen. Keith B. Alexander said Wednesday that former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has harmed U.S. national security and helped America’s enemies by disclosing the agency’s secrets.

              Gen. Alexander also suggested that both China and Russia gained access to the stolen classified documents held by Mr. Snowden, whom the general described as an “IT administrator responsible for moving data to a common website.”