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Forum admin threatened with prosecution in Germany...

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  • Forum admin threatened with prosecution in Germany...

    ...because a German convert to Islam registered the domain name using his real name, and that fact was reported here.

    So a guy who by definition doesn't believe in the "man-made" laws of Germany or any other country has lawyered up and now threatens to use those same laws he has no respect for in order to disassociate himself from his own actions.

    I'm pretty damn sure that reporting on the publicly available information regarding this gentleman and the fact that he registered is protected speech under the First Amendment of the US Constitution, and that by registering that domain the gentleman made of himself what is called in US law a Limited-Purpose Public Figure. He thrust himself into the limelight by publicly registering the name of a highly controversial website, and in so doing he opened himself to criticism so long as that criticism relates to the issue(s) surrounding the site in question and the ideology it promotes.

    As for that ideology, note that the gentleman is in Frankfurt, and is clearly associated with the same highly-radicalized Salafists who inspired and provided the justification for Arid Uka to murder two US service men at the Frankfurt airport.

    As for the site, and the people the gentleman registered the domain for, public notice was served in November of 2011, in Berlin. This notice, if I understand correctly, is a prerequisite for the investigation of the site, its ultimate closure, and likely also the prosecution of those involved.
    Aktuelle Meldungen 2011
    Berliner Salafisten hetzen gegen Deutschland

    „Millatu-Ibrahim“ heißt eine neue islamistische Webseite, die seit Montag online ist. Auf den Seiten werden nicht nur westliche Politiker verunglimpft, sondern auch die Umwandlung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in einen islamischen Staat gefordert und die Überwindung der freiheitlichen demokratischen Grundordnung propagiert. Hinter der Webseite steht der Österreicher Mohamed M., alias Abu Usama al-Gharib. Er war bis zu seiner Inhaftierung 2007 Leiter des deutschsprachigen Ablegers der GIMF (Global Islamic Media Front).

    Mohamed M. wurde in Österreich 2008 zu vier Jahren Haft verurteilt. Ihm wird vorgeworfen, für Al Qaida und andere terroristische Vereinigungen geworben zu haben, Terrordrohungen verbreitet und eigene Drohungen ausgesprochen zu haben. Nach dem Ende seiner Haftzeit im September 2011 hat er in im Internet verbreiteten Stellungnahmen Muslime zur Teilnahme zum offensiven Jihad aufgerufen.

    Bei Millatu Ibrahim handelt es sich bislang um eine virtuelle Gruppierung um Mohamed M. und Denis Cuspert, dem ehemaligen Rapper „Deso Dogg“. Die Aktivitäten finden online auf der Webseite sowie auf verwandten Youtube-Kanälen, in PalTalk-Räumen und einschlägigen Blogs statt. „Millatu Ibrahim“ steht in enger Verbindung mit dem jihad-salafistischen Projekt „Ansarul Aseer“ zur Unterstützung und Betreuung von Personen, die aus diesem Spektrum inhaftiert sind, sowie dem deutschen Ableger der Internetplattform „Salafimedia“, die jihad-salafistische Ideologie verbreitet.

    „Millatu Ibrahim“ nutzt als Logo eine schwarze Fahne mit dem islamischen Glaubensbekenntnis. Dieses Logo wurde erstmals von der Gruppe „Islamischer Staat im Irak“ genutzt und ist seitdem einschlägiges jihadistisches Logo jihadistischer Gruppen. Auch ohne explizite Gewaltaufrufe auf ihrer Webseite stellt Millatu Ibrahim somit eine ideologische Nähe zu Al Qaida und gleichgesinnten Gruppierungen her.
    Following the publication of this notice, an effort was made to hide the gentleman's involvement, through a change in the whois record, which now points to an internet service provider in Tampa, Florida, who serves as a proxy.

    Until the dust settles, the gentleman will be referred to on this site by his kunya: Ahmed Al Almany Alhaakimiyya. However, if you operate your own site, and have the time/energy to get into a slugfest with this lawyer and his client, good luck and G-d bless. For me, the bottom line is that they are not linked to the IRGC, and so this matter can simmer on the back burner for now.

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    Forum admin threatened with prosecution in Germany...

    Sheikh Numbnutz Hearts Terrorists forum of Germany's radical Salafis German site of the Global Jihad a/k/a the al-Qaida movement

    New site in Germany... []

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    Meanwhile, at least one email I sent to the lawyer...

    ...was posted to the German-language Islamic extremist forum judging from the log entry below. - - [02/Mar/2012:10:22:55 -0600] "GET /showthread.php?669 HTTP/1.1" 200 10440 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:10.0.2) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/10.0.2"

    The IP address traces to Stuttgart.
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      I had thought that thread was deleted...

      ...but as it turns out, it's just that access is restricted, apparently it's for trusted brothers only. - - [02/Mar/2012:12:12:45 -0600] "GET /showthread.php?669 HTTP/1.1" 200 11249 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:8.0.1) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/8.0.1"

      Unsurprisingly, this "trusted brother" is in Frankfurt.
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        Dear Michael Euler,

        Suck it.



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          And if anyone is looking in their logs for Sheikh Numbnutz...

          ...the founding father of the Millatu Ibrahim site, you'll likely find him behind the following IP address:

 - - [03/Mar/2012:00:04:18 -0600]
 - - [03/Mar/2012:00:15:37 -0600]
 - - [03/Mar/2012:00:35:25 -0600]
 - - [03/Mar/2012:01:14:54 -0600]
 - - [03/Mar/2012:01:15:20 -0600]
 - - [03/Mar/2012:01:17:57 -0600]
 - - [03/Mar/2012:01:18:07 -0600]
 - - [03/Mar/2012:04:55:04 -0600]
 - - [03/Mar/2012:04:56:25 -0600]

          We call this behavior 'seething and clicking'.
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            The lawyer's letter

            Seems the man thinks he can threaten me with prosecution for alleged violations of German and international law, and at the same time try and prevent me from letting anyone know about this - in essence imposing a gag order on me.

            Nice try. Since the pastebin upload of the letter is gone, and since is free of any connections to German companies, here is the letter:

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              And as for the identity of the founder of

              See the Jawa Report:

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                And on a lighter note, see...


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